Purchase of Distressed Assets in Spain

Spain has recently experienced some crushing economic problems that has led to widespread asset seizures by the countries leading banks. These banks are now in possesion of massive inventories that they are extremely keen to shift. Whilst much of this stock is low grade non asset class there is still a large volume of good investment quality stock to be purchased, and it can be obtained in most cases at prices of 50% or so of past valuation, and many times producing income above the current commercial lending rates.
I have put together a direct line of contact with a respected local asset manager who will assist my collegues and clients to get into the right stock, at the right price, with sound advice and quality professional support. Our relationships are direct with some of Spain's largest financial institutions guaranteeing you the best stock at the very best prices. Properties can be funded to around 60% of purchase price and in some cases up to 80%.
Our Spanish office led by Mr Enrique Lopez-Bosch is currently finalising our data platform where you will be able to view vetted lists of quality property in the key markets. Information available will be an executive Summary snapshot with property type, size, location, price, income and then a drill down to locality mapping and google street view. The platform is being developed to enable buyers to get full and complete information easily and quickly. We have a seperate office in Australia for Australian buyers.
Enrique can be contacted at caminodelmanasterio@hotmail.com For those in Australia please contact Keith Cerche at keith.cerche@maidenhall.com.au

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